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              People have said for years that the star of Hawaii Five-O was Jack Lord.   Mr. Lord was billed as the star while his co-stars were billed as "featuring".   All of Mr. Lord's co-stars were there to make him look good.  This wasn't an ensemble show but a show about supercop Steve McGarrett.  

        Other people have said that the true star of Hawaii Five-O were the Hawaiian islands themselves.   There's no doubt that Five-O featured extensive location shots of the beautiful Hawaiian settings.  The program featured extensive location shooting which gave the show a rich atmosphere.

         However I think that the real star of Hawaii Five-O was Jack Lord's hair.   Man, did that guy have a great head of hair.  Mr. Lord was around 48 when he started on Five-O but he head the hair of a twenty year old.   As someone who's approaching middle age and watching his hair thin out, I have nothing but admiration for Lord's hair.  Thick hair that the show's female guest stars were undoubtedly ready to rub their fingers through. Jack's hair was so integral to the show that episodes referred to Jack's weekly trips to his stylist. I remember at least one plot that revolved around this.

           Nothing could knock Jack Lord's hair out of place.  He could get shot at, punched, or blown up and it was ready for the next scene. Jack Lord's hair had the resilence of a Kryptonian who'd just returned from a month-long vacation inside the sun.

             Imagine my shock when I heard that Jack Lord may have had a hair piece.   While there's no conclusive evidence either way, the mere fact that Jack may have had some help from his hairstylist saddened me.  Keeping with our system of justice, the burden of proof is on the prosecution i.e. the hair haters so I'll go with the notion that Jack's hair was all his own.

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Don't mess with my hair or I'll kill you...
Jack is too cool for school playing Felix Leiter in the first 007 film Doctor No.
Unfortunately "no" was what the producers told Jack when he asked for more money and co-billing alongside Sean Connery in Goldfinger.
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